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David Burch has been a commercial photographer for 25 years, ten of which were spent in London, England (he now lives in Portland, Oregon). Over the course of his career he has photographed more hot dinners than most people have eaten, products of every sort, and people from every walk of life. He has produced beautiful images for books, magazines, corporate literature and advertising.

Recognizing the growing need for images of Baby Boomers, David decided to focus both literally and figuratively on this group. He is now almost exclusively photographing what he calls "his people" (he himself has been a boomer...well, all his life).

In his images you will see people so much at ease and comfortable that it seems there is no camera present. He is able to shoot the breeze and the photos while paying close attention to the many details within the camera's frame.

David is passionate about his new direction and it shows.